What do you do on a lonely weekday afternoon? I thought I’d watch some videos online but I don’t know how I ended up dancing alone for a really long time. Actually I know how I did; it’s a long sequence of events that I’d rather not narrate here. The crux of the story is though that I ended up dancing to some Christian songs that were playing on my laptop.

I learnt something new today and as always I must share it with everyone: Jesus is a King seated on the throne and like every king, He enjoys dancing.

Also, there is a physical release that you experience when you dance.

It’s not like a subtle freedom that you believe you have received when you pray. It’s not even like a strong breakthrough that you hope to experience when you worship. It’s tangible, it’s instant and real! You feel it immediately and you can’t stop. You will want to dance unceasingly until you can’t anymore and that’s when you feel it. A light feeling like you’re floating, like you are in another realm of reality, a supernatural one. And it’s followed by this strong knowing that you have entered the courts of the King.

I haven’t done anything like this before. Never when I’m by myself, so let alone in front of other people. There’s a weird self consciousness that we all knowingly or unknowingly carry to church or corporate worship meetings. It’s this knowing that we are being watched by some people who may not be worshipping. This feeling that what might be expressive to you in worship can be oppressive to your neighbour sitting next to you. Literally. Stretch your hands too much and your hitting someone for sure. It’s difficult to let go of the mental control over your body and express yourself freely to Him, although He would love to have you care less about how your face looks when you cry or when you sing in church.

But that’s that beauty of personal worship. When you are alone with Jesus, it’s just you and Him and you can do what you want. I’ve always loved to lie down and talk loudly when I’m worshipping alone but today was the first time I danced like crazy. It was liberating, helped me break free from the stiffness that had got into me over time and helped me feel light weighted.

More than anything, I felt appreciated. Like I was dancing to please Him and strangely, that He loved it. I felt like the King was delighting in me dancing for Him. Like He was raising his sceptre to show that He approved of my presence and that He asked me, “Ask me for anything you want, and I’ll give it to you.” It’s the best thing to hear from someone who owns the whole universe!

So dance when you’re alone. Let go of that tautness and rigidity you maintain when you’re with people. Take all those masks off and dance till you drop. Make the King happy and there’s no better feeling than to know you are appreciated, loved and craved for!

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