Okay, I’ve OFFICIALLY had enough! Everytime I visit my Facebook homepage, I want a brown paper bag to barf in because all I can see are random “ZOO WORLD” and “FISHVILLE” updates!

Today was the height! I saw a Zoo World update on my home page that said: 
*Sandra* is away and their new baby Brushtail Possum needs food. Oh my!
Sandra’s Brushtail Possum was born just 3 hours ago. She is cold, lonely, and will get sick soon without any food. Baby wants to grow up big and strong some day and just needs a little help getting started.

What? A virtual animal was virtually born on a virtual zoo and it is virtually cold and hungry? And I am supposed to know this and do what? Virtually feed it? Virtually pet it? And do all this, not knowing for sure (and caring) what a Brushtail Possum is?

This update made me so sick, I instantly blocked the Zoo World, Cafe World, Fishville applications from EVER showing on my home page again. I also blocked my friend “Sandra” (That’s not her real name. I changed it to protect her identity but i’m not sure she has one!) 

So, for those of you who plan to continue on sending me any similar virtual world application requests and updates, here’s the scoop: I HAVE A LIFE! A life that I love and I would rather pet a dirty parrier on the road than virtually pet a virtual animal on your virtual zoo! Wake up and smell the coffee…you’re missing out on some good stuff in life! And if you’re okay with that, then be okay with it…but please don’t send me any more requests! 

Here’s a list of things that I’m more interested in than your virtual world application requests: 

  • Football (I don’t care about football at all, so go figure!)
  • Any other sport for that matter
  • Dark chocolate (I hate it!)
  • Ekta Kapoor’s sob soaps
  • Rakhi Sawant’s faff
  • Raj Thackeray’s political agenda
  • What’s happening in Herzegovina (I really don’t know now…but i’m sure it’s more interesting than Zoo World)
  • India TV and their “breaking news”
  • Rajat Sharma’s hairstyle
  • Usha Uthup’s music
  • MTV’s rehearsed “reality” shows
  • Catching a Virar Fast train at peak time
  • Orkut

The above list of things make me want to jump off a plane…but if you ever send me another virtual world request or update, rest assured that I will push you off that plane first! WITHOUT A PARACHUTE! Really I will! Argghhhhhhhh!

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