So, of all the times that I’ve been slack with this blog, today just can’t be the day! It’s Christmas Eve and I just have to write.

We don’t have a tree in our house this Christmas and that’s not been disappointing at all. What’s a tree after all? Just material embellishment! As a family, we haven’t been that traditional with Christmas anyway, and so it really doesn’t matter if there’s cake or not, if there’s a scrumptious turkey dinner or not, or even if there are lavish gifts or not! We’re just cool about this season…and take it as it comes!

I was thinking today though, on my way back from work, that if we did have a tree at home—a really tall and pretty one, with lights and hanging angels—what would I really put under that tree? Gifts of course!

What would I have under that tree for Daddy?

Is there anything I can buy with money, Dadda, that will be a good enough gift for you? What ‘thing’ can say I love you so much; and the way to talk to me; and laugh with me; and tickle me till I cry; and break my knuckles because I like it; and the way you sit on the edge of the seat when I drive; and the lame jokes you crack so often; and the songs you sing to me and with me and for me! What would I put under that tree for you? Gosh!

And, Mamma? What could I possibly give you?

What ‘gift’ can say I love the way you think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world; the way you believe in me (even when I don’t); the way you talk to me continuously on the phone even when you know I’m on my way home; the way only we both find Tamil comedy funny; the way we diet together; the way you e-mail me health and beauty tips; the way we shop together; the way you’ve prayed for me every single day since I’ve come to be? Would anything ever suffice? Hmm?

Haha, Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! What would I have bought you, ya?

You’re the most difficult person to buy a gift for! I was thinking a guitar would be nice. But, do you think that will say thank you for all the times you listened to me yap the same story again and again and again; for the times you’ve be kind enough to tell me I’m singing off; for taking my side not when I need it but when it’s the right thing to do; for the times you’ve given me that all-so-needed reality check? What ya? That guitar won’t do! Really!

I’m glad we don’t have a tree at home. Too much much-much! Gifts and all…and that’s just too hard! So, I’m glad the way we are!

I know we’re supposed to be celebrating Christ’s birth tonight—which we are—but I’m also secretly celebrating my birth into the Leslie clan.J

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