So, here it is again – Gyaan from an extremely sleepy, thoroughly bored and intentionally starved humanoid!
Trash it, if you must! But write I will!

Gyaan # 1: Don’t put yourself out there all the time.
As in, don’t let people always know what you want. Then, they will purposely, intentionally not give it to you and make you suffer! This also means, evaluate your risks. Will taking a risk, make you look stooopaid? If so, then take it! Who cares if you make a fool of yourself. If taking a risk doesn’t make you look stooopaid, it’s not even a risk ya! Move on!

Gyaan # 2: Play by your rules, not theirs!
This is translated to: Have some personal rules that you will not break.Then, don’t make an exception for anyone, unless you’re sure they’re worth it. If you do make an exception and then realise it wasn’t worth it, you’ll feel soooooooooo compromised – it’s unbelievable. Really. Really. Trust me. 

Shucks, I’m on a roll!!!

Gyaan # 3: Let unstable people in your life, talk to your hand!
What this means in simple English is: If someone likes you for who you are, and in spite of who you are, they will tolerate anything you do. Almost anything. If something you do surprises someone ‘out’ of your life, they weren’t meant to be there in the first place. They can talk to your hand when they’re trying to come back! Yeah!

Gyaan # 4: Don’t believe any random gyaan.
This means, you shouldn’t believe (or pretend to believe) what anyone says just because you want to please them. For example, you don’t have to ‘like’ this just because there’s a ‘like’ button. You know what I mean? I mean take gyaan that really relates to you. The rest you can call ‘humbug’. 

I’ve just had some coffee now and the sleep has gone. Can’t produce any more gupshup like this. That brings me to my last point. 

Gyaan # 5: Coffee makes the world a better place to live in. It makes me irrationally idealistic and unreasonably hopeful. Amen. 


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