…how people who meant the world to you at one time, probably have no clue what you’re doing right now and couldn’t care less. 

…how new people become so important in your life that your every day choices revolve around them.

…how God can change the way you see things so much that you feel everything you were before was so ridiculous! 

…how people will try their best to change you and make you what you’re not but when you really change they will despise the new you!

…how sometimes no matter how many “friends” you have around you, only a prayer to God can make you feel like someone’s there for you!

…how the way life goes only makes sense in retrospect. 

…how no matter how much you try to some people will NOT understand what you are saying. 

…how little misunderstandings can ruin a relationship if they’re not talked about immediately. 

…how when you write on a blog, you have the strongest impulse to always say “wise” or rather “deep” thoughts as opposed to regular ramble!

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