If you read my previous post, you might have realised I’m busting my chops this week. Apart from revealing how much I weigh (which apparently, no woman will…in public), I have also decided to share my biggest paranoia…..my impending fear as it were….my little secret obsession…. that drives me crazy sometimes. 

If you’re thinknig it is cockroaches or floods—you are wrong….if you’re thinking it is heights or closed spaces—you are wrong again. Stop thinking. It’s the most unassuming, harmless thing ever but it has me on the edge of my seat every single time I confront it alone….

So here it is…….. for the first time in my short-lived and not-so-happening blog-life….my biggest paranoia is……..hold your horses and your breath…….(drum roll, please)……..AUTO & TAXI METERS!!!! 

Phew! That feels better. Now, that I’ve let my crazy out…I feel the burden of justifying it. But then again, I’m sure it deserves an explanation. 

AUTO/TAXI METERS….they make me nervous…I’ll tell you why…..

  • I can’t sit in an auto alone without my eyes fixed on the meter…I fear that every meter is rigged and that I am quite certainly being cheated.
  • My obsession with meters and being cheated is such that I must count the seconds after every time the number falls and if the intervals aren’t an even match….I must prepare to confront the driver about his unscrupulous meter rigging….
  • There isn’t a time that I remember where I haven’t kept close eye on the meter to see how fast its ticking….I usually make it less obvious if there are others with me…
  • Another aspect of my fear is specifically to do with auto meters. I once witnessed an accident where the passenger’s head was crushed against the meter and one of his eye was hanging out….I’m sure that says it all….but I must make sure that I sit on the right side in the auto and not on the left where the meter is…just in case, you know…

So there you are…. shameless confessions that are but true….

I’m sure we all have our little paranoias, fears and pet peeves but we’re less ready to admit they are there….it’s these little weird things along with a lot of other normal things that make us different from each other and I think we should embrace this fact with a bear hug….

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