So. Here’s my take on this whole hullabaloo about Mumbai being reslient. 

What the world calls resilience is what I call apathy. Cold indifference. A sheer disregard for what is happening around us. 

The reason we get up and go to work the next day is because no one we care about has lost a limb or is fighting death in a hospital. Not because we’re resilient. 

There are a few Mumbaikars who will not go to work for a very long time. They’re the ones who’ve lost someone close. Those who have been injured beyond repair. Those whose lives will never, ever be the same again. 

Think about it. There are people fighitng for life in the ICUs of hospitals and why should the media call us, who aren’t affected at all directly, resilient? 

I’d rather the world call us resilient, when we get up and do something about our situation. Not because we manage to get to work normally the next day. 

God, make us a people with a heart.

I think the least we can do is pray for those hurt. They are someone’s family, you know. They could’ve been ours. Let’s pray for them. 

Let’s also think of ways of making sure this doesn’t happen again. If all I can do is vote for someone responsbile who will take security and safety matters seriously, that’s what I’ll do. 

Let’s not be apathetic but resilient, in the true sense of the word. 

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