I’m fed up of clichéd New Year messages…rhymes that tell me to forget the past year and press on this year. E-mails that carry hope of change and text messages that suggest I will be different this year.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for encouraging others and igniting change and all of it. Just one question – why not any time of the year! Why just today?

The truth is that nothing has changed in the last 24 hrs but the way I will write the date…! I still look the same, have the same friends, make the same amount of money and struggle with the same things I did yesterday!

Nothing can change me or my situation but “me”! I can hope and will as much as I want but I must “do” something to change anything in me or around me.

Change is a weird thing. You must want it enough for it to happen. The date can change, the seasons can change, the whole world can change and you will be still be the same old person, unless you decide otherwise.

So, I hate to break the New Year excitement (with which some of us may be making “resolutions”) but here’s the scoop – IF YOU HAVEN’T STUCK TO A DECISION DURING THE YEAR, IT AINT’ HAPPENING NOW, BUDDY!

Drastic New Year resolutions are for the weak-willed! For those who hope that a new day, a new year can change who they are and help them be more than what they were last year! No no no! Sadly, there is hard work involved and all of it isn’t usually necessary! There’s no need to be pressurised, you know? You don’t have to feel like you need to be something else or someone “better” just because it’s a New Year.

Take it easy, yaar! Be what you are! Change if you have to, but it’s okay to be who you are too!

I think everyone should just make one simple decision today (Like I have!). Not because it’s January 1st. Not because everyone is making one. But just because this one decision can really change your life – whatever time of the year it’s made!

Here it is –

“I’ll do what I can to be what I want to be at a pace that I can manage! No hurry vurry! I’ll take time and I’ll get there aaram se. What isn’t good for me I’ll get rid of by and by but the rest of me is gooood…I’m okay with it. However I am, chalta hai! I’m like this only. People who love me for who I am, I’ll be close to! Rest all, bhaad main! God’s not legalistic. I don’t want to be either!”

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