I remember frolicking with my friends around my school campus and playing all sort of games – hide and seek, catch-catch, sakhlee (the weird running game where you have to catch someone and then form a chain and catch others), phugdi, colour-colour, red letter, etc, etc. I remember running so fervently, as if my life depended on it. 

But I also remember that every now and then, when I got tired or when my sides began to hurt (with the laughing or running), I would scream out to my friends, “TIME PLEASE!”

It usually was said so fast and so loud that it almost sounded like this new word “TAMPLIS!” And I still don’t understand why I always curled my hand up into a fist and kissed the back of my hand when I said the word.  

Anyways, point is “TAMPLIS!” usually meant, I could take a break from the game and rest aside. Sit down, maybe on a bench or on the ground even and watch the others run and play till I caught my breath. 

Why did I remember this today? I feel like screaming “TAMPLIS!” to life around me today. To everyone. To everything I have to do. To all the promises I have to keep. To all the noise around. To all the movement. To all the things that are expected of me.


Let me sit on a bench and breathe! Let me see others play! Let me hear others laugh for a while! 

But then I wonder what I’d do if God took time off from loving me and said “Boss, Tamplis! You take care of yourself and your needs, I will sit on this bench and catch my breath!”


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