Mundaneness fills my days
Like an overflowing vat to the brim 
I float around this sea of people 
It really helps to know to swim 

Each passing week looks like the previous one 
I sometimes scarcely even care 
But I’m sure one day I will drown 
In this busyness that is really a snare

So I got up this morning and said I will do
Something different every day, something new
I smiled at a stranger and winked at a child 
I was touching some lives, I didn’t have a clue

I lent a hand to a girl on the train
I made up a tune when I was still in bed
There wasn’t a moment that I was tired or alone
I took down some notes and planned a day ahead! 

I laughed when alone and thanked God I’m alive
To live my routine like it was really exciting 
I’m sure I won’t regret this a bit 
And that’s why I’m putting it in writing

So do what you may to make your boring day
A schedule that is interesting and fun
And if there are moments when you feel run down 
Rhyme an inspiring poem, just like this one!

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