You write a book and it’s what you think really.
I buy it on Amazon and know what you think. 
I don’t even know you but in so many ways I do. 
Your book is a piece of you, isn’t it?

You try and argue your case with me, 
Tell me your ‘truth’ and beg me to believe
I like your thoughts but may not always conform 
I have my own and you’ll see them soon 

So allure me and coax me, draw me and entice me
I will come only as far as I let myself
I will enter your mind and bookmark what you think
And then I will think and I will write

You will hear me and see me and get into my head
You will know what it is to be me very soon
You will drop your jaws and be apalled at my words 
But write I will and read you will

I will challenge anything you’ve every thought
I will ruffle your feathers and make you uncomfortable 
I will shake your beliefs and make you ask questions 
My book will be just what you’d wished yours was!

But honestly, I’m only a girl with a pen
No actually a girl with a small broken laptop
Who dreams of this book that will change the world
Who knows maybe one day it will 

– The wannabe author

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