It’s confounding how all emotions and feelings cannot be summed up in a word or expressed fully in one particular language. I understand quite a few languages and I know by now that there are some words in some languages that mean so much more and say so much more that no amount of words in English would ever say well enough.

Like Tamil. Tamil is such a beautiful language. Apart from being one of the oldest languages and my mother tonuge, it is one of the most expressive languages. Now that I am getting to understand and learn the language more than I did before, I regret moments when I was younger and resented it. It’s beautiful. I’d love to use phrases or words from Tamil that I know I could never convey the same meanings in English. 

For example, ‘Uyiren Uyire’! It’s pronounced oo-yee-rin oo-yee-ray. The closest I can get to translating it in English would be ‘the life of my life’! What a profound thing to call someone. THE LIFE OF MY LIFE. What an amazing way to express to someone how much they mean to you. 

Like to God. To tell him that He is the Life of your life. The reason for your existence. Your raison d’être. The happy in your happiness, the glad in your gladness and the beauty in all things beautiful. He is the essence of life. Life is him. And Life is in you. So He is the Life in you. ‘Uyiren Uyire’. Wow!!! 

And how about saying that to your mother. Who concieved you. Inside whom you grew and formed and lived before you were alive, as it were, in this world! You are her. Your blood, your sinews, your bones, your skin, your eyes…everything you are is her! A piece of her. A bit of her that she was willing to let live outside her. She willed you to be alive. You are her decision. Her love for your father. The life that came out of her life. Uyiren Uyire. 

It’s amazing how people find more and more excuses to avoid telling people how they feel just because they say they can’t find the words. There are never too few words to say to someone how you feel. It’s just about finding the right emotions and telling them as they are…or better still…telling them in words that you make up yourself. 

Get inspired. Make new words. Borrow words from other languages. Make history. So here I am – a normal working class 24-year old adding a new word to the english dictionary. 

Uyiren Uyire (oo-yee-rin oo-yee-ray) n. 
“The life of one’s life”, “The reason for one’s being”

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