I don’t want to do what I do 
I do what I don’t want to do 
I want what I shouldn’t want 
I don’t want what I should want 
I break the rules and they break me 
I draw outside the lines because the lines draw me there
I walk against the crowd but sometimes the crowd walks over me 
I speak the truth and sometimes it speaks for me
I love without conditions but conditions don’t favour me 
I write with a passion for the benefit of others and 
I writhe with a passion for the blessings of God
I struggle to let go and then miss all the struggle 
I cry for the pain of others while others cry for theirs
I cry for my pain and others stand and watch
I laugh with my friends and my friends laugh at me 
I dance and am happy but many people hate me
I don’t care about my past, atleast I lived it 
I wouldn’t want to be you because then I’d not be me
I won’t try to be you because I’m too trying so hard to be myself 

I will be Me and you must be You
Let us be Us and them be Them
Don’t let them change Us
We are who we are!

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