I was at Santacruz Station this evening and spotted one of those old-fashioned weighing machines with the flashing lights and the rotating circle in the middle. Since, I was just with my brother and a close friend, I thought it was safe to check how much I weighed.
I stood on the metal platform, waited for the rotating red and white circle to stop rotating, popped in a one rupee coin, and a few seconds later, I had a little brown rectangular card telling me my weight – 58 kgs.
I know I’ve broken the age old feminine code of not sharing your real weight in public — but, quite honestly, I really don’t care. I hope I won’t be ostracized for this act, but ladies…it’s time we’re honest with ourselves and the world!
Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to note how much the little brown card with my weight on it amused me! It displayed my weight on one side and on the other side, this was written in small black characters: “YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS IN LOVE MATTER AND MARRIAGE RELATION.
What? The machine was trying to tell me what will happen to me! Weight and “fortune” telling machine. I didn’t buy a word of it, but still, it amused me.
Whoever invented that machine thought, “Women are going to be the ones using this the most, and let’s face it — they’re not going to be happy with their weight — even if it’s negligible! So, let’s have a random fortune message print out on the other side of this card, so that they don’t feel so bad about themselves. A little solace. Some random statement that’s a positive assumption to make them believe that good can happen despite how heavy they are!”
Hmmm… They decided to pass on using an editor for their little fortune statements, too! I will find happiness in “love matter” and “marriage relation”??????? OMG! Reading that sentence made me want to put out all those flashing lights one by one with a little rock hammer!
What’s the whole point of fortune telling anyway??? Why, why, why??? Not just this machine, every one is trying to tell you what will happen to you…the newspapers have columns for fortune telling money-makers, the TV channels have slots for them…the list is never-ending…why????
Me…I’m just glad knowing that I weigh two kilos lesser than last month and I don’t really want to think about tomorrow or next month. God holds my future in His hands…that’s all I need to know for now! 🙂

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