* Why is it that when you want something badly you are willing to do anything to get it? When you aren’t willing to do everything in your stride to get something, you probably don’t want it enough, no?

* When you decide to do something that you find extremely difficult, and you muster all your strength and your will and whatever little faith you have to do it, all hell will break loose to make sure you don’t do it. But yet every time you overcome the littlest hurdle say ‘no’ to a little temptation even, the joy and pride you feel within yourself is almost tangible. 

* Passion can’t help but be palpable. You usually don’t say you’re passionate about something, it exudes through every thing you do. It’s contagious but so is mediocrity. Let’s surround ourselves with people who challenge our thoughts, question our words, disciple our deeds and build our character. 

* It’s healthy to question your faith every once in a while. By doing that you remind yourself of your inability as a human to understand God’s timing, to perceive His ‘bigger picture’ and to construe the oh-so-many divine happenings that guide you everyday. It is good to remind ourselves of this because it leads us to realise that the only ability we as humans have is the ‘ability to believe, to have faith’. This brings us back to believing that it’s better to live by faith than scepticism and worldly logic. 

* When nothing seems to go the way you want it to go, it only means that the way you want it to go is the way its not meant to go. God lets us have dreams but He won’t let us hasten to make them come to pass. Time – It’s such a hard thing to understand. God created time. He thinks beyond it into eternity where times doesn’t exist. But here we are encased in time and our minds can’t even fathom the fact that God’s plans for us are not encased in time. They are for eternity. 

A close friend always tells me, live each day as it comes. I know she is right. It’s useless asking where and how. We must think – here and now!

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