You are another person.
You can’t be me…so don’t try. 
I can’t make you me…so I won’t try either. 
You be you and I’ll be me. 
Let them be them. 

You won’t ever change. You like to be you. 
Then what makes you think you have the right to change me?
Don’t even try to change me because I will. 
I will change and become something you don’t like. 
Then you will complain about how I am not what I used to be. 
Then I will try to be what I used to be. 
Then you will be like ‘You’re confused’
But I will be like ‘No you are!’ because you don’t know what you want me to be. 

Go home and sleep now. Don’t come to haunt me. Don’t worry me, don’t doubt me, don’t trouble me and don’t judge me. You think you are perfect but guess what no one can be perfect. I don’t need you to tell me what to do anymore. Or how to be like. 

You refuse to leave no? You know what? I regret creating you. Over the years, I formed you in my head. You are the ideal me. The me I’d like to be. But truth is – I don’t need you anymore. I’ve made a strong decision to be imperfect and vulnerable. To learn from mistakes and be human like I am. You don’t exist. So stop nagging me. Get out before I kill you. 

PHEW!!! That was tough exorcism, ha?

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