Ask of me…
The frail treasures I hold with an unyielding grip
This lie web I’ve woven that is starting to rip
This façade I’ve built that is ready to fall
These habits I nurture that I reckon are small

Ask of me…
My ego inflation that’s soon going to burst
My relentless desire to always be first
My cynical thoughts that clutter my mind
My blurring vision that oft goes blind

Ask of me…
These talents I have hidden so deep in the ground
This genius I think in me I have found
These opinions I have off all those around
This matter I talk that I deem incredibly profound

Ask of me…
Everything I harbour, honour and hold
Everything calloused, carnal and cold
Everything withered, wilted and weak
Everything blatantly blasphemous and bleak

Ask of me…and I will give it to You!!!

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