My opponent today looks oddly familiar

Her gaze has grit and her fight no fear

We’re midway through this brutal combat

I’m exhausted and weak, she notices that


From across the ring, she begins to charge

As she draws closer, I see her fist enlarge

One firm blow across my unsuspecting face

I fall to the ground again, such a disgrace


My knees tremble as I attempt to stand

Another merciless whack from her heavy hand

She’s fierce this one, have I met her before?

I can barely think, lying in pain on this floor


I struggle again but this time I rise

It feels like she’s someone I know in disguise

I’m determined to press on and win this fight

My closest friends, they witness my plight


Some cheer me on, some mock and chuckle

Every time I am victim to her violent knuckle

I don’t want to lose but I’m feeling so weak

Me winning this brawl looks extremely bleak


I try one last time to muster my clout

I run fast toward her, but she strikes me out

I feel her weight, smother me to the ground

I’ve been defeated again, that was the last round


Those around me are in terrible dismay

They’ve seen me losing to her every single day

In utter disappointment, her face I try to see

Only to realise, this girl I’m fighting is ME.

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  • Ria Lawrence
    Posted on May 14, 2020 at 9:46 am

    My my, this is gorgeous.

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