It’s like this music I’m dancing to that I can’t hear physically. Like I’m joining these dots that He has already put in place and it’s forming this beautiful picture. Like lines I’m reading from a play that I’ve never seen before. That’s the closest I can get to describing my life right now. 

I love it this way. He makes the choices for me. All I have to do is choose to live His choice. He leads. I follow. He sings. I dance. He lures. I run after mesmerized. He makes it happen. I live it. 

Sounds like fun doesn’t it. Sounds like something any monkey can do. But it isn’t. Following is much more difficult than leading. Listening harder than talking. It’s tougher than you imagine to be obedient than to call the shots. 

It’s because following God’s plan means deserting your own. It means forsaking your way for life and adopting His. It means changing your clock to work according to His time. It means letting go of your tight grip on the brush to let Him paint with it. It also means living in tough situations, making uncomfortable decisions, learning rock hard lessons and doing all of it by yourself. Your Self and you. Alone. In solitude. In confinement. 

But with that lovely decision to follow Him comes an unprecedented blessing. An overpouring of His unlimited favour. Incredible grace and incomprehensible abundance. Slowly, pieces of life fall together like a brick road forming in front of your feet to tell you where to go. Slowly, you succumb to His plans because He will surprise you like you’d not imagine in your wildest dreams.

He will gently lead you through a mysterious place like a lover looking for a secret place where He can tell you He wants to marry you. He will amaze you by making your secret desires come to pass. He will make every insignicant meeting with someone a design of destiny. He will weave people into the tapestry of your life who will help you grow and who will council you. He will make the music and you will dance. 

He will be God. And you will be all that He wants you to be. 

All I need to do is choose His choice. Say ‘I do’. To just be there when He’s looking for a new exciting project. When He’s looking for a life to mould or a destiny to shape. Just hang around when He’s feeling creative and jump up when He says, “Who will go?”

Will you answer THE CALL?

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